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Vādī-é Ummīd | Valley of Hope

Recent performance: The Crypt, St Martin-in-the-Fields, London, UK | 29 November 2014

Poet: Vaibhav Kaul ‘Mahfouz’
Language: Urdu
Genre: Nazm
Theme: Loss (of place), anguish, despair, and hope
Poet’s age at the time of completion: 13 years

Excerpt from An Awakening (2017 experimental ethnographic film)
Directors: John Seddon and Vaibhav Kaul
Producer: Vaibhav Kaul
Cinematographer and Editor: John Seddon
Sound Design: Oliver Guy
Himalayan Footage: Ross Harrison
Music: “Fidayda” (instrumental) by Turku, Nomads of the Silk Road
from the Free Music Archive, CC BY 4.0
Poetry: Vādī-é Ummīd / Valley of Hope (Urdu poem)
written and recited by Vaibhav Kaul ‘Mahfouz’

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Religion of Love | Mūsa aur Galahbān 

A ballad based on Moses and the Shepherd, a story from Mevlānā Rūmī’s Masnavī

First performed (sung and dramatically recited by the poet and others to accompany a dervish-style ballet) at the
7th Jahan-e-Khusrau World Sufi Music Festival | Quli Khan’s Tomb, Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Delhi, India | 30-31 March 2007

Poet: Vaibhav Kaul ‘Mahfouz’
Language: Urdu
Genre: Ballad
Theme: Universal love



Other works 

Prabhāsāgara | The Ocean of Light
Poet: Vaibhav Kaul ‘Paramānanda’
Language: Hindi
Genre: Bhāvakāvya (affective sonnet)
Theme: Spirituality

Zīst Chīst? | What is Life?
Poet: Vaibhav Kaul ‘Mahfouz’
Language: Early Modern Persian
Genre: Nazm-é Nihāñ (mystical sonnet)
Theme: Metaphysics
Not to be revealed until the completion of its sequel,
Marg Chīst? (What is Death?).

Dissolving Every Horizon
Poet: Vaibhav Kaul
Language: English
Genre: Nazm-é Nihāñ (mystical sonnet)
Theme: Spirituality



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