Travel with Vaibhav

Almost every winter, Vaibhav tries to break out of rationalist-individualist-consumerist modernity by spending several weeks or months as a wandering faquir in the High Himalayas. This helps him cultivate “virtues” such as austerity (which reduces his environmental footprint) and compassion (which increases his social utility), and keeps his consciousness open to a love that is all-embracing, infinite and timeless. If you are a (group of) gentle-hearted, free-spirited person(s) and would like to discuss the possibility of roaming the mountains with Vaibhav in a peaceful and refreshingly pre-modern fashion for at least twelve days, please feel free to use the contact form below.

All are cordially invited, absolutely regardless of age, identity, disability, or social background! Musicians, dancers, painters, craftspersons, poets, philosophers, anthropologists, farmers and gardeners are particularly welcome!

Vaibhav’s prayer for all: May love fill us up completely, and may it light us up and make us sing and dance and gallop gaily across the meadows of our dreams!

For travels during 2019-2021
Suggested philosophical/meditative/poetic references
Kena Upanishad, Majjhima Nikaya, Masnavi-i Ma’anavi (Rumi), Das Stunden-Buch (Rilke)
Likely destinations
Kinnaur (India), East Garhwal (India), Mansiri/Ganesh Himal (Nepal)

Vaibhav mystical dance

Photo: Dr J Dyson




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